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Why choose Skype classes?

We realise that many people like nothing more than getting out of the house to attend their Yoga class, and feel motivated doing so.  If on the other hand you don’t like public classes for one reason or another, or maybe you aren’t physically able, or just haven’t the time.  Yoga Daijo can help provide classes in the comfort of your own home, with our highly qualified teachers we are here to accommodate all individuals.  Including disabled people (& their carer), senior citizens, pre-natal, kids & parents and generally those who feel housebound and need extra motivation.

We offer a free 30 min class during which our instructors can work with you and help identify your abilities and limitations.  Each individual is different and whether you are experienced in yoga or a complete beginner our instructors will be able to tailor a program to meet your desired needs.

How Skype works…

Skype is a Free Online app that provides a service that enables you to interact directly through video messaging.  The set-up is basic and requires a few steps.

Step 1.

Like any other app you simply download the latest version.

Step 2.

We recommend setting it up by using your email address, this makes it easier to contact each other.

Step 3.

Once set is complete, go to search bar and type in the email or name you are looking to contact.

Step 4.

The contact will be asked to accept your request.  Once that has been done, you can accept the Skype call.

Things you need to be able to use Yoga Daijo:

  • Laptop/Computer
  • Yoga Mat
  • A well lit room with enough space to stretch
  • Comfortable, breathable clothing

To receive good quality Skype it is important to have a good internet signal.  Your 30 min free class gives you the opportunity to take part in a class and work out any technical issues that may occur.