Damien Campbell

Founder and Owner of Yoga Daijo

For many years now I’ve witnessed people suffering within the walls of their own homes with either a physical or mental condition, or in some cases both. Conditions that over time have not improved and in many cases worsened. Unfortunately this brings with it a viscous circle that can lead to people being housebound and socially isolated.

From an early age sport played a big part in my life, mainly Gaelic games and football. During my mid-20s I trained and took part in my first running event. At the start running was solely dedicated to breaking my last p.b. (personal best) but over time I discovered the other great health benefits that comes with it, not only physically but just as important, mentally.

Simple things in life like running, riding a bike or even going for a walk can be taking for granted. Many people aren’t as fortunate as myself and others. Like running, yoga with its many forms has been well recognised for its many health benefits. Although I realise people do manage to get great help at times, I also know many don’t. With delivering a one-to-one yoga service, reachable within your own home, I believe I am putting in place something that has the power to help build up strength and self-esteem to the individuals who might need it.