We recognise that each individual is unique in their own way, both mentally and physically, with the help of our highly qualified instructors we meet the needs of everyone.  We realize many Yoga poses can be difficult and initially daunting to most, but with our instructors vast experience we can find what’s right for you.

What we want to put in place are classes that will allow both the individual and the caregiver to participate.  Unfortunately many people who suffer with their disabilities can become withdrawn from society and feel socially alienated, which can leave you worsened by lack of flexibility and mobility, we want to help you break this cycle and give you back your self-esteem and help with your fitness.

With the support from both the instructor and caregiver we can help you reach your goal.  Our Free 30min class will offer you the opportunity to meet the instructor in the comfort of your own home and from there if you feel Yoga Daijo is right for you, schedule a class or programme tailored to your needs.

“Disability is a Matter of Perception”